Old friends - Pete with Clive
Photo: Joel Chant


Pete Atkin – Keyboards

When not sitting behind his Roland with the Shrinks, Pete reverts to his other, more celebrated persona - Pete Atkin, near legendary singer-songwriter of ‘English Chanson’.

With his writing partner Clive James (yes, that Clive James), Pete made six albums in the 1970s, which narrowly avoided large-scale commercial success, but created a huge cult following that still flourishes today.

As the decade of flares and feather cuts came to a close, Pete and Clive gave up on the music business and took day jobs, one in TV, the other in Radio (you have to work out which), but continued to write together. In recent years Pete returned to the studio to record two excellent albums of Atkin/James material: The Lakeside Sessions (a double) and Winter Spring, the latter featuring several fine musical contributions from various members of the Shrinks.

Find out more about Pete’s musical genius by visiting www.peteatkin.com or contribute to the Shrinks forum at www.peteatkin.com/cgi-bin/mv/YaBB.cgi

6 major influences that have helped Pete through his musical life (in between Shrinks sessions)

The Band
The Beach Boys
The Barenaked Ladies
The Roches
Randy Newman
Steely Dan

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