Modern Sounds of Cotham & Westbury album cover

The Shrinks
Modern Sounds of Cotham
& Westbury

1. Country Song
2. Closer to the Fire
3. Something Worth Saving
4. Jacket, Shirt & Trousers
5. Daddy's Arms
6. Lucky Shoes
7. Sunday Morning Music
8. My Friend the Cactus
9. Smells Like Elvis
10. Jones Street & 4th
11. Raised by Wolves
12. The Finest Train

FATR album cover

The Shrinks
Further Along The Road

1. Bristol, Tennessee
2. Further along the road
3. Soul ironing
4. The Devil’s breath
5. Easy in this world
6. Always the way
7. Be strong
8. Nobody listening
9. Yeah, no (I love her so)
10. Best destiny
11. The picture (that isn’t there)
12. The drinking song

The Shrinks
More Damned Lies

1. Do like the Bears Do
(Grizzly Business)

2. Trash Cart Trophy Girl
3. The Beetle Eats the Cathedral
4. One too Many for the Road
5. Bigfoot
6. Yeah Yeah Yeah
(Freshly Minted Parlophone)

7. The Nearly Man
8. It Wasn’t Always Like This
9. Wayne & Sandra (Fred & Ginger)
10. The Rat in the Piano
11. Amen
12. Northern Exposure
13. More Damned Lies

The Shrinks
On The Stoop

1. Friendly Fire
2. On The Stoop
3. The Badge
4. Wake Up Call
5. Wind It Up
6. Nick Drake’s Pants
7. Glenn Miller
8. While You Were Gone
9. Cool As A Fridge
10. Nature/Nurture
11. Beautiful Machine
12. Hallelieu Canoe

The Shrinks
Horfield to Hollywood

1. Archie Leach
2. Coal
3. Where We Live
4. Victim of Crime
5. Maurice Chevalier
6. Anthony and Lois (Maybe)
7. Potatoe Heart
8. Skip inside the Drive
9. Tim & Neil
10. More Money
11. Ahamay
12. Rooster Do


Anthony & Lois (maybe)
David Brown and George Smith

Maybe I could meet you in a bar someplace where no one will know us
I could say my name was Anthony you could say that yours was Lois

We could toast our sham names with a glass of Champagne
Maybe learn about each other’s tastes - the things we love, the things we hate

Maybe we could move on for a meal a candlelit, secluded table
We could taste and nod to Vintage Wine pretending that we know the label

I could get to know you, try and fit the glass shoe
And maybe you’d begin to see what’s on the other side of me
And maybe I could touch your hand and look into your eyes
And see a candle burning there after all this time

Maybe we could watch the sun go down by the bridge above the river
See the lights come on all over town - count the stars as they appear

And if one chalked the night sky we could close our eyes tight
And make a wish upon the moon that this night ends the way we want it to

Maybe we could take a hotel room you could ring the Baby-sitter
Write down Smith for the receptionist trying to conceal a titter

Feeling apprehension on the lift’s ascension
I could carry you right through the door just as I had before
And maybe I could touch your heart and gently wake the love
That hibernates inside and free it like a dove

And we could re-live that first night - the night of our shared life
And maybe find what we have lost since you became my wife

Since you became my wife

©All rights reserved. The Shrinks 2004