Modern Sounds of Cotham & Westbury album cover

The Shrinks
Modern Sounds of Cotham
& Westbury

1. Country Song
2. Closer to the Fire
3. Something Worth Saving
4. Jacket, Shirt & Trousers
5. Daddy's Arms
6. Lucky Shoes
7. Sunday Morning Music
8. My Friend the Cactus
9. Smells Like Elvis
10. Jones Street & 4th
11. Raised by Wolves
12. The Finest Train

FATR album cover

The Shrinks
Further Along The Road

1. Bristol, Tennessee
2. Further along the road
3. Soul ironing
4. The Devil’s breath
5. Easy in this world
6. Always the way
7. Be strong
8. Nobody listening
9. Yeah, no (I love her so)
10. Best destiny
11. The picture (that isn’t there)
12. The drinking song

The Shrinks
More Damned Lies

1. Do like the Bears Do
(Grizzly Business)

2. Trash Cart Trophy Girl
3. The Beetle Eats the Cathedral
4. One too Many for the Road
5. Bigfoot
6. Yeah Yeah Yeah
(Freshly Minted Parlophone)

7. The Nearly Man
8. It Wasn’t Always Like This
9. Wayne & Sandra (Fred & Ginger)
10. The Rat in the Piano
11. Amen
12. Northern Exposure
13. More Damned Lies

The Shrinks
On The Stoop

1. Friendly Fire
2. On The Stoop
3. The Badge
4. Wake Up Call
5. Wind It Up
6. Nick Drake’s Pants
7. Glenn Miller
8. While You Were Gone
9. Cool As A Fridge
10. Nature/Nurture
11. Beautiful Machine
12. Hallelieu Canoe

The Shrinks
Horfield to Hollywood

1. Archie Leach
2. Coal
3. Where We Live
4. Victim of Crime
5. Maurice Chevalier
6. Anthony and Lois (Maybe)
7. Potatoe Heart
8. Skip inside the Drive
9. Tim & Neil
10. More Money
11. Ahamay
12. Rooster Do


Skip inside the drive
David Brown

Glass with cracks and cataracts
Give the light a harder task
Defused gloom in tomb-cold empty rooms
Nothing moves along the pipes
That once carried heat and life
Humming plumbing’s played its final tune

The gate swings helpless in the wind
With a dry and mournful cry
Final gasp of a time that’s past, raging at the fading light

Paint clings on to frames decayed
As brittle as a dried bouquet
Just one touch and it will turn to dust
Choking vines of ivy climb
Sucking blood from stone and lime
The gutter’s bust, the wound is leaking rust

Once the grandest in the street
Standing tall with pride
Now stooped and crumbling with the weight of memories inside

The dull grey slate ridge dips and sags
Like the backbone of a nag
Dark birds come and go like frightened thoughts
The skeletons of T.V. masts
Gibbet round the chimneystacks
Episodes of shows we’ve seen before

One dark night some Nazi planes
Took the ones on either side
Secret histories are whispering from the shadows where they hide

Once a glowing monolith
A beacon in the mist
Directions given night and day
Now the path is overgrown
There’s nobody at home
Somewhere, someone has lost their way

Dawn breaks on the cityscape
With a little bit more sky
Gods wrecking ball, some homeless thoughts
And a skip inside the drive

©All rights reserved. The Shrinks 2004