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The Shrinks

  1. The Quest
  2. Film Stars Now
  3. Joe & Cath
  4. Emoji
  5. Buddy Holly
  6. On Board Tonight
  7. Our Greatest Hits
  8. Anthony & Lois (maybe)
  9. On A Sixpence
  10. That & The Other
  11. Who knew? (2 minutes 58 seconds)
  12. With Me (The edge of the bed song)
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The Shrinks
Kissed By The Queen

1. Meville
2. The Age Of Steam
3. Maybe We Did
4. Brighton
5. Children Of The Splice
6. Don’t Ever Say Goodbye
7. Kissed By The Queen
8. Down And Out
9. Who’s Next?
10. Cheap Wine And Daytime TV
11. Lyin’ Lips
12. Tarmac For Breakfast
13. Meet Me In The Middle
14. Bones
15. Because It’s Christmas

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The Shrinks
That’s How It Looks

1. Dead Man Singing
2. Good Times
3. Me & McCartney
4. Waiting for Love
5. Unselected
6. Your New Best Friend
7. Talking
8. Sunday Worship
9. The Judge
10. Wrap Party
11. Bumper Car
12. City Sidewalk Tree

Modern Sounds of Cotham & Westbury album cover

The Shrinks
Modern Sounds of Cotham
& Westbury

1. Country Song
2. Closer to the Fire
3. Something Worth Saving
4. Jacket, Shirt & Trousers
5. Daddy's Arms
6. Lucky Shoes
7. Sunday Morning Music
8. My Friend the Cactus
9. Smells Like Elvis
10. Jones Street & 4th
11. Raised by Wolves
12. The Finest Train

FATR album cover

The Shrinks
Further Along The Road

1. Bristol, Tennessee
2. Further along the road
3. Soul ironing
4. The Devil’s breath
5. Easy in this world
6. Always the way
7. Be strong
8. Nobody listening
9. Yeah, no (I love her so)
10. Best destiny
11. The picture (that isn’t there)
12. The drinking song

The Shrinks
More Damned Lies

1. Do like the Bears Do
(Grizzly Business)

2. Trash Cart Trophy Girl
3. The Beetle Eats the Cathedral
4. One too Many for the Road
5. Bigfoot
6. Yeah Yeah Yeah
(Freshly Minted Parlophone)

7. The Nearly Man
8. It Wasn’t Always Like This
9. Wayne & Sandra (Fred & Ginger)
10. The Rat in the Piano
11. Amen
12. Northern Exposure
13. More Damned Lies

The Shrinks
On The Stoop

1. Friendly Fire
2. On The Stoop
3. The Badge
4. Wake Up Call
5. Wind It Up
6. Nick Drake’s Pants
7. Glenn Miller
8. While You Were Gone
9. Cool As A Fridge
10. Nature/Nurture
11. Beautiful Machine
12. Hallelieu Canoe

The Shrinks
Horfield to Hollywood

1. Archie Leach
2. Coal
3. Where We Live
4. Victim of Crime
5. Maurice Chevalier
6. Anthony and Lois (Maybe)
7. Potatoe Heart
8. Skip inside the Drive
9. Tim & Neil
10. More Money
11. Ahamay
12. Rooster Do


Wayne and Sandra (Fred and Ginger)
David Brown & Pete Atkin

Sandra sits like wax behind the glass at Nat West
Checking cash and cashing cheques
And as her fingers dance across the Queen’s young features
In her mind she’s counting steps
For tonight’s the night when she and Wayne
Him in black and her in red
Swirl and twirl and dip and slide and glide
With whiplash movements of the head
She’ll play Ginger to his Fred

Wayne’s an end-user, big company computer
Tapping keys and keeping tabs
His desk is laid out like an Army kit inspection
Each manoeuvre meticulously mapped
He decides that if they win the prize
He and Sandra will wed
Dance floor marriage – he the engine, she the carriage
Him the leader, she the led
She’ll play Ginger to his Fred

Sandra’s standing next to Wayne in next to nothing
Flashing parts of parting flesh
Two sets of teeth get in formation and start dazzling
Like the sequins on her dress
They synchronise their calves and thighs
Like a well-bred quadruped
Fast and slowly – Quick Step, Fox-Trot, Pasa Doble
Through the dance book A to Z
She plays Ginger to his Fred

A simple girl who shops in tracksuits
Cinderella of the suburbs
But in her make up and her dancing glass shoes
You'd swear that Fred Astaire could never hunger for another

They end the set in sweating statuesque positions
Just leaving heaving chests
They’d nursed and rehearsed acceptance speech ambitions
But the judge was not impressed
Their eyes say cry – their smiles say lie
Both wishing they were dead
One more no-no - home alone for cocoa
And trudge those weary steps to bed
The words she longed for left unsaid

©All rights reserved. The Shrinks 2004