The Shrinks are a loose band of Bristol-based musicians who like to make, share and play music together whenever they can manage to snatch a few hours between all those things that get in the way of music - like tax returns and laundry.

The music they create is best described as a strange looking, yet at the same time, strangely familiar car that has been welded together from several other cars; a Pink Cadillac fin here, a psycedelic Silver Cloud grille there, the driveshaft from a yellow El Camino, wing mirrors from a white VW van, a Buick 6 gearbox, a squeaky wheel from an El Dorado, the diamond studded windshield from an ol’ 55, the upholstery from a Ford Econoline, the footlight from an Austin Cambridge and a Pontiac steering wheel, all held together on a Bristol chassis.

It may be rusty in places and perhaps it doesn’t get out on the road as often as it should but, when it’s firing on all cylinders, the rhythmic throb of all the parts working together makes it a vehicle that can really move and transport you to some pretty unusual places.

Enjoy the ride.

©All rights reserved. The Shrinks 2004