Tim dressed to the nines in the early nineties.
Photo: Jim Silverthorn


Tim Fish – Lead guitar. Pedal steel guitar.

When not executing blistering Lead guitar and pedal steel solos with the Shrinks, Tim can be found playing on the English ‘Country & Western Circuit’ with the band, Bare Faced Country.

A veteran of touring, Tim criss-crossed Europe in the 1980s, playing Tiger feet and The Cat Crept In on a nightly basis, in a reformed version of Mud, fronted by the late Drapes and Crepes hero, Les Gray. In the early 90s, Tim embarked on similar escapades with The Rubettes and the New Seekers.

Always in demand as a session player and performer, Tim has appeared in numerous local band line-ups, including Red hot red, The Brothers Brothers, Stoney and Wolverine; a band that features twice in the recently published book about the legendary Bristol rock venue, The Granary Club by Al Read. If you’d enjoy seeing Tim with flowing locks and flares (instead of shorts), you can buy a copy in any good Bristol bookshop.

6 artists that have played power chords on the synapses in Tim’s psyche

Carlos Santana
Steely Dan
The Shadows
Mark Knopfler
Boxcar Willie
Merle Haggard
(That’s 7 – thank goodness Tim never counts us in)!

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